The Influence of World War 2Edit

The most common idea of Deiselpunk is the "Sci-fi German Soldier" or "Facsistpunk". A field grey trench coat with a gas mask or a short skirted uniform with a garrison cap seems to be the first thing to come to mind(as well as search engines). Because the entire world was in a Total War state, it's no wonder why a World War 2 style makes up the majority of Dieselpunk fashion, fiction, video games, movies, and art.

Common Contries usedEdit

-United States





Alternate WW2Edit

World War 2 ended with an Allied Victory, turning the United States and the U.S.S.R. into Super Powers and beginning the Atompunk Cold War era. To make fiction out of the WW2; unused designs, alternate operation outcomes, the introduction of the occult/paranormal, or any other factor that never historically happened are implimented. Not to be confused with World War 2 fiction, which has its setting grounded, just with minor factors changed.