--- In Italy (the Admin's country, author's note), as for many other countries, Dieselpunks appear to be really few.

There are some kind of Steampunk-Conventions, in which you could find something vaguely recalling the stream in a corner, mainly famous comics and movies (e.g. Hellboy, Sky Captain) but most people do not even know the meaning of the term although they may appreciate the Steampunk fantasy. Moreover, sometimes amateurs' groups try to put up free rendez-vous (with facultative dress-code), but this always ends up as a "Victorian/Gothic Picnic", no Diesel at all.

The movement seems to be at its first steps, and remains mainly known across the Web, for example in forums and communities. The largest Italian community of Steampunkers (Laboratory of Time) counted a small number of "Dieselpunk People" with their own group. The "group system" was later abandoned.

--- What about the rest of the world? Well, by now, if you google the term you won't get thousands of "official" pages (this Wikia was created for this purpose!). You mainly get, as before, forums and communities by amateurs - mainly North American, where the phenomenon seems to achieve a more advanced state of evolution.

What we are trying to explain is that, maybe, there are a lot of Dieselpunkers out there... Simply people who are into the aesthetics of the period, and maybe like fiction and -punk fiction too. In any way you decide to call it. For this reason the Dieselpunk movement seems to need some sort of acknowledgement. Otherwise, it is going to remain a poor categorization of cyberpunk-subgenre (as we can see from Wikipedia's enlisting of Cyberpunk derivatives).

And the Founder of this wiki, Alchemical Colonel Lenore, wants absolutely to be one of the pioneers who will help to spread the word and create the new stream among real people in towns, not only web-users.

So, join us if you like - tell us how many Dieselpunks fellows you have found in your hometown, or what you think is going to be the next future of this new-born, but already existing since a long time, lifestyle and art stream. Nostalgia for the good ol' times!!!