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So, you think you got the guts to become a contributor on this Wikia? You're welcome my friend!!!

Becoming a contributor is easy. First of all, you should create your own Wikia Account: Sign Up button is just above there on the right.

Now that you are a member of the Wikia network, you may want to take a look to your Profile and to your Talk page: this is the main tool to connect and talk with other Wikia users.

For example, you can contact me (Admin: User:Alchemical Colonel Lenore) by dropping a message in my Talk Page (Edit button). Next, for an easy and fast access to this network, you should follow/subscribe the Dieselpunk Wiki in the main page (look down).

Now, the fun part! Log in to Wikia, pick up your favourite argument (or the one in which you feel you are a Champion!) and start editing!

How to create/edit

-- Click on the Add page button, or Edit on a page from the menus, to work on a link that already exists, maybe empty or incomplete; you will notice that some sections pages are blocked and not to be modified by general users - only the Admin can be messing it up and be responsible for that :)

-- Write, draw, scrap... whatever you want, I just demand everyone to follow the General Guide Lines; after that, pimp the article with all the graphics and videos and music you like; use your imagination and create something great! Don't forget to enlist and use the Categories (just like the Wikipedia ones!) to keep up a good and clear hypertext-'structure', if access is possible.

-- ADVICE: The Wiki platform is not so easy to use as it seems. It supports both graphic and HTML editing. You may want to take a look to the Help section of the network, it's been very useful for me.

-- As the Admin, I'll check out now and then the editings made, and sometimes I'll be connecting the various sections with the menus, or maybe I'll set the graphics to a more balanced view. Obviously I won't correct or edit anything from your hard work (unless the GRAMMAR is bad), just fixing the appearance and the overall structure (in Italy we say: this is farina del mio sacco! = approximately, "wheat from my bag" :))

-- If you are an Artist of any kind, or you have your own DP-related website and you wish to start a collaboration or simply display some of your works here, just drop me a message and we can discuss about featuring your name in the Links or Art section!



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