Dieselpunk fashion is typically quite similar to, if not the same as, fashion from the 1930s - 1940s. Many Dieselpunk fans enjoy wearing everything from bomber jackets to trenchcoats. The obvious purpose of this article is to help you make the right choices in fashion and style.

Blue Collar WearEdit

The lower class played a crucial role in the incredible future. Working in factories, farms, and railroads, they helped make the fists of industry pound. Not to mention, they bought the magazines the Dieselpunk genre is based on!

Upper ClassEdit

The cream of the crop. The money, old and new. These are the people who funded the ever-pounding pistons of industry. The typical costume for the rich is an Italian suit, leather shoes, and a hat, often a fedora or panama.

Private EyeEdit

The typical outfit of a private investigator is always a trenchcoat. Go ahead and try and find pictures proving otherwise.


The great flying eagles, men and women who made their living from the sky. Whether it be mail, passengers, or bombs, the cargo will always get where it belongs with these people at the controls. They often wear bomber jackets and trousers.


Due to the fact that Dieselpunk fiction is often heavily inspired by World War II, military uniforms are an essential part of Dieselpunk fashion. Often, people look to the uniforms of Nazi Germany or the WWII-era U.S. for inspiration. However, some look to WWI-era militaries as well, like the German-Empire-inspired Genii military of Stargate: Atlantis (The series is decidedly not dieselpunk itself, but the Genii faction are at this technology level, given the fact that they use vast underground bunkers and have the beginnings of a nuclear weapons program.) and the French-Third-Republic-inspired (Führer King Bradley's title notwithstanding) Amestrian military of Fullmetal Alchemist.