Why a Dieselpunk Wiki

Art-Déco, WWII uniforms, vehicles, war machines, noir games and books, swing-punk music in a bunker you can use as a cabaret.

And a lot of Retro-Futuristic devices, Zeppelins pirates and alchemist soldiers, but with an unique postmodern sensibility.

According to the most influencial Dieselpunk community ( "Dieselpunk is an art style and subculture that blends the aesthetics / pop culture of the 1920s - 1950s with today."

Our goal is always to create something unexpected and full of fantasy. For I believe that Dieselpunk is a style, not only a poor cyberpunk-subgenre which often blends (or gets stuffed) into Steampunk fiction.

So I created the Dieselpunk Wikia, a place for all the Dieselpunks who already got acknowledgement of the cultural philosophy which is embodied in the web communities, games and so on. Because it's time to get the rightful acnowledgement all over the world, just like Steampunk did before.

Time to spread the word - time to build a web-encyclopaedia of what is Dieselpunk, so I'm here to ask ALL OF YOU, help Dieselpunk Culture... and join this Wikia, not only a virtual place to meet & discuss but also a way to achieve the identification and acknowledgement it seems to lack a little bit. Especially over Europe...